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Massage ・Pilates Instructor

Kelly is a well-travelled and highly accomplished massage therapist, and a certified Pilates instructor and yoga/meditation teacher. Her insatiable curiosity for personal growth and development in the health and wellness industry, along with her warm and engaging personality, make her a top-tier choice for anyone seeking an intuitive and empathic therapist.

Kelly has worked on yachts since 2015 and is qualified in therapeutic massage, as well as a variety of other techniques including reiki energy healing, hot stones, holistic facials and guided meditation. Her fluid energy, healing spirit, and versatility allow her to meet the individual needs of a sophisticated clientele, providing holistic health at the highest professional levels.

Consistently highly-rated by her yachting and private clients, Kelly is a positive asset for any yachting program and is often sought out for repeat engagements, maintaining long positive relationships and connections with her clients and their crew.

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