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A neat, well laid-out, professional CV is crucial in getting a job on a superyacht. Some points to consider:

  • Ideally, make it a simple Word document, saved as a PDF

  • 2 pages max - no need for excessively long descriptions

  • Use one standard font and avoid using clipart, crazy colours, and too much underlining, capital letters, bold or italics. 

  • Get it double-checked by a native English speaker, and by someone who has a great eye for detail.

  • Call the file your full name  rather than, for example, just "Yachting CV"



Yachting CVs always include a profile photo and it's worth investing time in getting a good quality photo. 

Make sure you:

  • Don't take a selfie. Get a friend to take it, or even better, get a professional photographer to take one

  • Wear a neutral top, ideally a white or cream polo shirt or shirt

  • Tie your hair back if it is long and it is neat and tidy

  • Keep make-up fairly natural and jewellery to a minimum

  • Have a neutral background, or the sea 

  • Smile!



The art of writing a good CV is about knowing what to leave out and what to keep in. Include all your relevant experience, but don't go into so much detail that your CV is longer than 2 pages.


Download our sample CV layout and watch the video below for more guidance. 

Approximately 90% of CVs we receive would benefit from some improvement. If you think yours could be better, consider getting some professional help.

Ready to Go?

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