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Allow us to do the hard work of finding you the best staff with spa, fitness, and nanny skills. We attract the most professional and driven individuals, dedicated to wellbeing, on the global market.


Our recruitment service includes advertising, interviewing, selecting and vetting, proposing, and reference checks. Our niche knowledge and high standards of customer service have led to our reputation as the leading yacht recruitment service in this area, and we work with many repeat clients.


We understand that integrity, heart-centredness and personality are as important in these roles as skillset and experience, and always strive to make the best matches with these qualities in mind.

To find out more about our services, send us an email or call +34 628 805 588

Recruitment Services


We specialise in yacht crew with extra skills such as massage, beauty, hairstyling, fitness, and nannying. All our team have yacht experience and we know what it takes to be winning crew. Furthermore, we are an MCA certified recruitment agency, with all processes to ensure MLC compliance.

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Private Residences

Our candidates are accustomed to working with HNWIs worldwide so you can be assured of their top skills, excellent standards of service and strong work ethic. Many candidates offer a wide range of both spa and fitness skills to enable your complete wellbeing at home.

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Hotels and Spas

Access our elite selection of wellbeing staff with experience working in ultra-luxury environments, many of whom are keen to transition back to land from superyachts. Our network can offer you international options that local, more generic recruitment agencies just won’t attract.

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