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Massage・Yoga・Grinberg Method

Alessandra is a dedicated yoga instructor and massage therapist, and loves to share her passion for wellbeing with others. She teaches Iyengar, hatha and vinyasa yoga styles, often including pranayama and meditation in her classes. With Alessandra on board your guests can feel revived with bespoke lessons at any time of the day, whether it's an energising morning practice on the swim platform or a calming sunset practice on the sun deck.

Alessandra offers Swedish, deep tissue, foot reflexology and holistic massage. She also offers traditional Ayurvedic massage, having trained in India. Her massages are tailored to the client's constitution, and are both relaxing and invigorating. She is also a practitioner of the Grinberg Method, a bodywork therapy which focuses on releasing blockages in the body.


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