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Modalities Explained - Osteopathy

Continuing our series about different kinds of treatment, today our Osteopath Angel Leigh explains more about Osteopathy and who can benefit from its use.

So, Osteopathy – it’s about bones, right?

Osteopathy is more than bones - it is a discipline of manual medicine blending the bio-psychosocial elements of being human with medical sciences and an understanding that we are a collection of experiences accumulated in life and of the environments we have and are living within.

The goal of osteopathy is to identify the body’s biggest issue, find it, fix it and leave it alone ...leaving the innate healing systems of the body to reinstate a sense of well-being.

Does it hurt?

Not usually! Osteopaths use a wide range of skills ranging from subtle (cranial sacral, functional techniques) to more physical (manipulation, deep tissue and inhibition muscle work) to treat the source of discomfort rather than chase the symptoms. This can give a greater sense of ease and give quicker results as the body is ‘unwound’.

What happens during an Osteopathy treatment?

A typical session includes a detailed case history including previous accidents, surgeries, fractures and any other medical complaints dating back to childhood for all of the above. A physical examination consisting of active and passive movements in standing, sitting and lying is carried out before a treatment which could be done lying, sitting or standing.

Why may the osteopath work far away from the area of discomfort?

More than likely you will hear and discover through an osteopathic journey that ‘it’s all connected...’!

Why would you see an Osteopath?

If you are experiencing any unusual alignment issues, sinus, digestive issues, hormone conditions, headaches, joint pain, nerve pain, transient discomfort issues, pelvic or menstrual conditions, stress (of any kind), post-car accidents, post-surgery, scars, falls, chronic problems that seem unconnected ... then the magic of unravelling the connections between nerves, blood vessels, tendons, muscles and organs can reveal unexpected links to solving some of these issues.

“Anywhere your body has been opened, twisted, shunted, compressed or is feeling overwhelmed - osteopathy might be of assistance.”

Leigh, why are you such an advocate of Osteopathy?

As a passionate osteopath, masseuse and naam yoga teacher, I am a curious examiner of how the lives we have lived and continue to live create and contribute to the issues we experience daily. It’s fascinating work – for example, I might work on very subtle dura, the linings of the spinal column and brain, or the lymphatic system, as every part of us is responsible in some way to keep us functioning. Not one session is the same, as each time I revisit your body it is not the same, nor is your attitude as with every session ‘a little something is woken up’ (Jean Pierre Barrel) ....try it today in combination with a delicious bespoke massage, you won’t regret it!”

About Leigh

Leigh provides a unique luxury bodywork experience by combining elements of traditional Chinese medicine, modern osteopathy and massage techniques from around the world. She delivers treatments that are effective for injury rehabilitation and prevention, rejuvenation and general wellbeing.

Leigh also offers Naam yoga classes, which can include mantras and pranayama. She has extensive experience in yachting, and is frequently re-booked by loyal clients who love her work and her calm and positive personality.

Based in Antigua, Leigh is available for charter work for the upcoming winter season – get in touch with us to book her to add amazing value to your charter guests’ stay.



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