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Crew Tips for Smooth Sailing

Stew/masseuses: does this scenario sound familiar?

You’re on charter, you get a call from a guest saying they want a treatment in 5 minutes on the sun deck. You quickly finish what you’re doing, run to your cabin to change into your spa clothes, grab the massage table and towels and race to the sun deck and where the client then watches you set up (awkward!!). Once you’ve set-up, they lie on the table and you’re flustered and sweating from running around, and then you realise you’ve forgotten the massage oil...! Many of you will have experienced something similar to this. So how can you avoid such stressful and unprofessional experiences? Having a clear protocol about how you set up your treatment area is vital. We’ve gathered some tips on how to be as organised as possible, so you can be calm and centred for your treatments and meet your clients’ high expectations.

Setting up Efficient setting up is all about being organised in advance. Whether you have a dedicated spa room onboard, or if you have a portable massage table, you can make sure it’s as ready to go as possible.

  • Have a check-list/cheatsheet (maybe even laminated), of the products and items you need for different treatments

  • Have all of the items ready to go, neatly laid out, on trays (tools and products), and/or in baskets (towels and sheets) – maybe use a different shelf for each treatment if space allows

  • Teach the other stews how to set up the massage table and area, so they can do it for you if you’re busy or coming off your break

  • Time the set-up so your head of department knows how long it takes. You can then tell the client realistically when their treatment can start

  • Create spa and treatment protocols if the yacht doesn’t have them already. Discuss these with your fellow crew, so they understand how to look after and maintain the products and spa area

  • Ask for help to pack down the area if you need it – you’re part of a team!

Having a split role as stewardess and masseuse or beautician is demanding, and the more organised you are, the easier it will be to deliver top-quality treatments.

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