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Creating Spa Ambience Onboard

Our Top Tips for Creating a Spa Onboard A spa-like ambience can be created anywhere - even when a yacht doesn't have a dedicated massage room. There's usually an underused area that can be quickly transformed into a treatment area. Or if the weather is right - set up an outdoor treatment space on deck. Or even when there is a treatment area - you can always go the extra mile to ensure a totally luxurious experience. NB: be sure to always protect the floor from oil spill or the deckhands won't be happy!

Think of the five senses when setting up your spa area:

SIGHT: Dress the massage table to make it look beautiful; use shells, crystals or stones with the yacht branded blankets or silk runners. Use electric candles in the space and pull the blinds down. SOUND: have a playlist of soothing or nature sounds ready to go - (we'll be sharing our favourite playlist with you soon). Make sure the playlist is long enough to last the whole treatment including while the client enters and leaves.

SMELL: use an oil diffuser with the clients favourite scent, set 20 minutes prior to the treatment to let the scent fill the room - or if you don't have a diffuser put a few drops on the face cradle.

TASTE: have a flask of hot herbal tea or cold infused water ready to offer the client at the end of the treatment.

TOUCH: using an electric blanket or a fleece topper gives a super cosy feel if the yacht AC is fierce. Make sure there are slippers and a robe ready for the client for the end of the treatment.

Get in Touch! We always love to hear from you: Do you have any top tips for creating a spa ambience? Got photos of your best set ups? Have a favourite artists you like to play during treatments?

Email us on: And - as always - if you're thinking of looking for new opportunities this year send us your updated CV. Team AoB xx



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