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5 reasons why every charter needs a spa therapist

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Even if your yacht has a stew/masseuse, there are many reasons why getting a dedicated spa therapist on board is so worthwhile.

1 Charter guests love a LOT of treatments

Massage and beauty treatments are similar to food on charters – the more you offer, the more the guests will have! Guests quickly realise that a stew/masseuse has other duties, and don’t feel as able to request a treatment whenever they want. Having a spa therapist on board allows each guest to luxuriate in a treatment every day if they wish – and that makes a charter to remember.

2 Your guests will feel like they have landed in Paradise

Sunrise yoga on the swim platform? Check. Sunset massage on the sun deck? Check. Holistic treatments help guests relax, unwind and get into holiday-mode as soon as they step on board. Instant pampering whenever your guests wish – it’s the definition of luxury.

3 If the guests want a treatment, it won’t put a strain on the rest of the crew

When I worked as a stew/masseuse, the rest of my team would silently groan when one of the guests requested a massage. Losing a crewmember for a few hours means more work for everyone else. And this can directly impact on the quality of service you offer, especially on boats with smaller crews. Also, guests often request treatments in the late afternoon/early evening when your stews might need to take their breaks – leading to a more tired and less motivated crew.

Massage on superyachts_edited

4 Your guests deserve the best

Stew/masseuses are unlikely to have as much training or experience as freelance therapists, and when you’re serving the most discerning guests in the world, you need to be confident you’re giving them the best. Plus stew/masseuses have a lot of other work to do - it’s difficult to give a good massage after stewardessing all day.

5 It’s far easier than trying to source local therapists

Picture this – you’re anchored outside St Tropez, it’s August, and after lunch four guests decide they want a massage and one wants a manicure. Yikes! Finding a local therapist to come on board can be an expensive, logistical nightmare, especially in high season or in remote locations. Having a spa therapist on board for the duration of the trip is convenient, cost-effective, and your guests are guaranteed their privacy.

One of our clients wanted to really spoil his guests on a recent charter, so employed not one but two therapists. In his words: “I don’t know why every yacht charter doesn’t have an Angel on board!”

To book a spa therapist, yoga or fitness instructor for your next charter, call Angels On Board +34 628805588

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