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Modalities Explained - Pilates

Today our Pilates expert 'Angel' Violetta (Vee) shares why Pilates is so hot on-trend right now.

Based in the Caribbean – Vee has availability for charters in 2021. With 9 years of yachting, Pilates and massage experience – she is sure to add something special to any charter.

How did you get into Pilates? I discovered Pilates after a spinal injury that happened during a fall when I was working as a professional cheerleader. One minute I was flying across the basketball court, the next my cheerleading days were done. While that experience meant one door closed, another opened as I was first introduced to a completely different way to look at exercise, one that led me to recovery and a complete career change.

What is the history of Pilates? Pilates was created in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates a professional boxer and police trainer. Some of the first clients to be treated by Joseph Pilates were soldiers returning from war, as well as ballerinas – and the same integration of strength and poise is seen in the practice today. Fast forward to 2020, Pilates is used as a key training tool for elite athletes from the NFL, NBA, AFL, many Olympic sports, and by the masses within boutique studios across the world. Over the years it has built a loyal following, with many iconic professionals expressing the impact of their Pilates practice, including David Beckham, who has said: "I'm in my best shape in years due to an hour-long daily routine.” What does a class involve? Pilates focuses on engaging your core muscles to stabilise you correctly in movement. The challenging exercises teach you correct alignment and posture, increased mobility and flexibility, as well as less overt actions like how to connect your breath with your mind and body, inner strength, control and concentration. What do you consider to be the benefits of Pilates? The list of benefits for Pilates is long. I’m often asked what do we need core strength for? Core strength is not just for elite athletes, it’s for anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being and movement. It’s for the person who wants to improve their golf game on the green with friends, get on the jet skis for the day without having a sore back or maybe finally do that big mountain hike in St Lucia and not spend the next two days in bed. Pilates strengthens you from the inside out. This inner strength reduces back pain, improves sleep and your overall movement for even the most basic tasks. Who is it suitable for? Pilates is suitable for all ages, from a 14-year-old boy who is just getting into football, a woman who is pregnant, or anyone at any age and any fitness level who wants to improve their strength and movement.

And the best thing? Transformative pilates can be achieved almost anywhere - with just a mat out on the deck, and one hour a day. For larger yachts, portable studio equipment can be brought onboard to create an onboard studio experience. I love sharing my knowledge with people who are new to Pilates and those who already know its benefits. It is a training method that has absolutely changed my clients bodies and lives. My journey to becoming a Pilates instructor has changed the way I feel in my body, I have power and strength, I no longer carry around pain from my injury. Whether it’s in a studio, or on a yacht, Pilates can well and truly change your life.

If you would like to book Vee or any of our Angels for your next charter get in touch with us. Our Angels are based all over the world so we're sure we can find options to bring wellbeing to your charter wherever it is.



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