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Why I love AcroYoga (and why your yacht charter guests may also love it)

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

On yacht charters, we’re always seeking new ways to ‘wow’ guests. Whether it’s the latest watersports toy, the trendiest new restaurant or an extra special turn-down treat, charters are most remembered for such unique experiences.

AcroYoga will have your guests literally flying high. It’s a super-fun combination of acrobatics, yoga, and Thai healing arts, which is popular in the States and is rapidly spreading worldwide. I started the practice nearly two years ago, and have since become addicted.

Here’s why!

You do it with other people

I love hatha yoga but it’s largely a solitary pursuit within the confines of your own mat. AcroYoga is done with a minimum of 3 people (a base, a flyer and a spotter) so it’s very sociable and great for groups to enjoy together. It allows us to find new strengths, face our fears, and improves communication skills and trust. It’s a perfect activity to offer for fun-loving and active guests keen to try something new.

Acroyoga on a superyacht

It’s way more fun than the gym

Often guests intend to do some fitness during their holiday but after all those gourmet meals and cocktails they somehow lost the ability to find the on-board gym! In AcroYoga we use each other’s body weight to build strength and flexibility. Balancing each other on our feet and hands is hugely entertaining and often involves a great deal of giggling. It’s a fantastic workout and 100% more exciting and motivating than a Stepmachine.

Acroyoga group on deck

It’s accessible to most people

It may look like the work of circus artists, but honestly there are basic positions that nearly everyone can enjoy. I’ve based my aunty and uncle (who are in their late 60s) much to their delight. And children absolutely love it! Plus the photos are so cool they’ll be the first ones your charter guests will post to their friends.

Superyacht acroyoga

It’s so engaging you won’t be able to think about anything else

When you’re balancing upside down on someone else’s feet it’s impossible to be anywhere else apart from the present moment. And that can be very exhilarating and a great stress-buster for guests.

Superyacht acroyoga 02

But really, is it appropriate for a superyacht?

YES! Two of our ‘Angels’ have already taught it safely on superyachts with great results. We’ve had all ages of guests from teenagers to older people both basing and flying. Obviously, as it involves balance, it’s better to do in a calm sea, and some of the postures will need ample height clearance overhead. However it’s also a great activity to do on the beach to make your beach set-ups even more memorable.

Offer your guests something new next season – and have them reaching new heights!

Emmeline offers yoga and basic AcroYoga instruction as well as massage and beauty treaments for superyacht charters, through her company Angels On Board. For more information, call +34 628 805 588

Superyacht acroyoga with Emmeline

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