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Five master tips for giving the best massage on a yacht

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Giving a massage at sea can be a challenge – limited space, rough seas, and messy products all are potential difficulties. Here are our master tips for giving the best treatments on the ocean.

Oil spills

Massage oil and superyacht interiors are not the best of companions. To avoid the wrath of fellow crew members, I always recommend our Angels to use massage wax instead of oil. It’s solid at room temperature, and only melts when applied to the skin. So if the tub is accidently knocked over, it won’t spill onto the carpet or decking. It is absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t leave sheets oily, so the Laundry stew will also be thankful. I like Songbird Natural massage waxes, which are 100% natural and come in a range of divine scents. If you’re giving a beauty treatment, ask the chief stew for some towels or drop cloths to protect the floor.

Ride the waves

Even the most experienced sailors can occasionally fall prey to the demon that is seasickness. Before starting a treatment, check with the Captain if you’ll be going underway and if any rough seas are expected. Take non-drowsy seasickness pills before the movement starts. To avoid you or your client going green around the gills, suggest moving the massage table to an area of the guest accommodation that moves the least – usually the lowest deck at the aft. And if your guests are feeling delicate, suggest a foot massage on the deck instead – they’ll be able to sit upright in the fresh air and look at the horizon.

Use your space creatively

If your superyacht doesn’t have a dedicated spa room, then a lounge area or cabin can easily be transformed into a temporary spa area. Lower the lighting with some candles (battery-operated for safety), play some soft spa music and use an oil diffuser to set an aromatic ambience and Voilá! – instant spa! If space is really tight then consider instead offering your guests a foot massage or a seated Indian head massage, or take the massage table to a quiet deck area for some al fresco relaxation.

Schedule it in

Every morning, place a spa schedule and menu near the breakfast table so that guests can book themselves in for treatments. Often plans will change, but at least by offering a schedule you’ll know which guests would like treatments that day and you can plan accordingly.

And finally...

Get the professionals in

If you think your guests will love to be pampered on their holiday, then book an ‘Angel’ to stay onboard for the charter. It’s one of the easiest ways to add value to your trip and guarantees the ultimate in luxury and relaxation.

Angels on Board have a team of massage and beauty therapists and yoga and fitness instructors who specialise in yacht charters. To book an ‘Angel’, call +34 628 805 588

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