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12 yoga poses to try on a SUP (Stand-up Paddle Board)

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Stand-Up Paddleboarding has become huge over the last few years, and most yachts have Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs) as part of their watersports ‘toy’ kit. The latest trend is Yoga or Pilates on SUPs – the unstable base adds a whole new level of challenge. SUP Yoga is not only a great work-out, it’s also immense fun and can be super relaxing.

If you want to get your asana on the water, here are some suggestions for poses (along with some cheesey nautical re-names). And if your guests or crew want to learn with a professional, give Angels on Board a call on +34 628805588.

Downward (Salty Sea) Dog

Take the feet and hands a little wider and keep the knees slightly bent for extra stability. For extra challenge, lift one leg high into the air for a 3 legged dog.

(Walk the) Plank

See who can hold this the longest! For added challenge, lift one leg parallel to the board.

(Down be)Low lunge

If you’re feeling stable, try lifting the back knee, pushing strongly through the back foot.

(Sea) Warrior 2

This is surprisingly tricky! Having your feet in one line is a real balancing act, so to make it easier, take your back foot a little wider.

Boat pose

Start with bent knees, then straighten them as you find your balance. Great for firing up the core!


Bringing your head to the board, take some slow deep breaths and enjoy the sensation of the gentle rocking of the board.

Pigeon (or Seagull?!)

Activate the legs by drawing them in toward each other for balance.

Bridge Pose

You can hold onto the edges of the board for more stability if you wish.

(Ships) Wheel

Make sure you’ve warmed up your back with gentler back bends such as bridge pose before trying this.

Headstand (Capsize)

If you have a confident headstand practice on dry land, then this should be accessible for you. Don't try it if you haven't! Take it slowly and enjoy the amazing view of the sea upside-down.

Seated twist (port and starboard)

Seated poses such as twists and forward bends are great if you’re not feeling steady on the board.


Let your fingers trail off the board into the water and visualise floating on an ocean of bliss as you enjoy some well-earned relaxation.

Top tips for SUP Yoga

  • Take a small anchor or weight to keep the board in one place

  • Calm waters are best – plan your session for early morning or at sunset and choose a sheltered location

  • Be prepared to fall in! Leave sunglasses on the boat unless you have a tie on them.

  • Use a bungee to secure your paddle to the front of the board while you are doing yoga

  • Take it easy – if the sea is not so calm, just focus on seated stretches and strengthening work, and meditation.

Emmeline at Angels On Board teaches SUP Yoga on board yacht charters – to find out more call +34 628805588.

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