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Ayurveda - return to balance

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

For most guests, a charter is a chance to relax and retreat from their busy lives. The peace of the ocean, the privacy of a private yacht, and the care of a dedicated crew, create the perfect time to reconnect with oneself.

And what better way to support their wellbeing than having a natural health expert on board?

Ayurveda may well be the new natural health buzz word among celebrities, yet it dates back to ancient India, and offers a holistic approach for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Angels On Board’s Ayurvedic health consultant, Natalie, explains more. “If you’ve not been feeling ‘yourself’ for a while, with niggling chronic pain or health issues, then an Ayurvedic programme could be for you.”

Instead of offering a quick fix, Ayurveda addresses the root cause and supports the body to heal itself. “I take a detailed consultation with the client, asking about their lifestyle, diet, sleep patterns, and emotions as well as their current physical state,” Natalie explains. “This information tells me what kind of constitution the client has. We then plan a wellness programme to help bring back balance to their bodies and minds.”

Natalie’s interest in the benefits of Ayurveda started when yoga changed her life. “In my twenties, I had a bad fall from a horse, which led to a number of health issues. Yoga and nutrition helped me heal myself, and that led me to wanting to deepen my knowledge so I could share it with others”. She now teaches yoga and advises clients on Ayurveda in America and Europe.

The Ayurvedic approach to wellbeing is completely personalised and can include diet modification, herbs, massage therapies, detoxification techniques, and yoga exercises. “An Ayurvedic detox is one of the best ways to purify your system, bring radiant health and rejuvenate the mind,” Natalie adds. An Ayurvedic cleanse aims to draw out toxins from the tissues and into the digestive tract so they can be eliminated. ”This can have numerous benefits, including improved mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, improved skin and digestive health, and reduction in stress.” Effective programs run from a week up to three weeks and are best done under the supervision of a caring expert.

Whatever cleanse is right for you, working with an Ayurvedic practitioner during a cleanse can provide an invaluable level of personalized support, while helping you to rediscover the feeling of being in balance with nature and yourself.

To book Natalie to join your next charter, contact Angels On Board on +34 628 805 588

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