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Inspiring podcasts for spa crew

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

If you work full time on a yacht, you may well recognise that mid-season phenomena I call ‘brain-shrink’. It can happen around week five of being on anchor, when all possible conversation topics with your crew mates have been exhausted; you’ve just vacuumed the entire boat (including walls and ceiling); you’ve dried your eighth shower of the day; and you deeply crave some intellectual stimulation.

Whenever I found myself in this situation, podcasts were my saviour. To me, podcasts are like a chance to momentarily ‘hang out’ with some of the world’s coolest and most brilliant minds.

Here are a few of my favourites that have helped me through laundry shifts, crew mess duties and exercise bike sessions. The first selection are all bodywork-related, specifically for crew members who are also massage therapists or yogis, and the second are broader, inspirational podcasts for anyone with an interest in self-development.


In this show for self-confessed body nerds, presenter Brooke Thomas, herself a Rolfer, talks to current leaders in the field of somatics. Fascinating stuff.

A practical Canadian-based podcast, with short episodes about all the other stuff involved in the business of being a massage therapist, apart from just the massage.

A weekly show with a broad scope of all things yogic – great place to get your yoga discussion fix if you’re stuck on a yacht with a lot of non-yogis!

Massage Podcast is a show that aims to create a community among massage therapists, presented by some illustrious American massage therapists. Great for getting inspiration about where to take your practice next.

Inspirational, self-developing

In-depth, unscripted, deeply-inspiring conversations and insights from acclaimed artists, entrepreneurs, makers and world-shakers. There’s tons of material here, all with the purpose of aiding you to “build a life of fierce connection, profound meaning and radiant joy”….. ready, steady, GO!

One of the leading business podasters, Tim Ferriss’ heavyweight status is attested by his A-list interviewees, such as Tony Robbins. Quick-paced, incisive and investigative, Tim has a knack for getting to the heart of the subject matter and translating it for us mere mortals. Guaranteed to motivate!

Rich Roll transformed himself from couch potato into leading endurance athelete, and his quest is to help his listeners unlock their ‘best and most authentic selves’. His conversations with other great ‘paradigm-busting’ minds cover topics such as health, diet, fitness, entrepreneurship, and spiritualism.

What's your favourite podcast? Share in the comments below.

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